News Friday, June 16th, 2017

Environment Councillor Gianluigi Fondra and representatives of the Sant'Eustacchio Borough and Scuola Corridoni visit INNSE Cilindri The Company presented its positive results in terms of environmental performance and workplace health and safety

On 16 June, 2017, INNSE received Brescia Environment Councillor Gianluigi Fondra and representatives from the Sant'Eustacchio Borough and Scuola Corridoni, a school.

INNSE General Director Carlo Vitto and Production Manager Fabrizio Feller presented the Company and illustrated the positive results obtained thanks to work the Company has done to reduce the facility’s environmental impact, improve working conditions and safety and increase production efficiency. INNSE executives also illustrated the investment plan and operations planned in these areas over the coming months.

In particular, INNSE presented the new operating procedures it has adopted to reduce formaldehyde emissions, which are now appreciably below the legal threshold thanks in part to engineering optimization of the rolls following lengthy R&D efforts and work recently completed to upgrade the Shaking-out area and the odour collection system in the Roll Cleaning department.

During the meeting, the management also presented an innovative project in which emissions will be collected during the pouring phase using telescopic hoods and activated carbon filters. This project is highly innovative: no other Italian foundry is currently using emissions collection and treatment systems during the pouring of large castings. INNSE expects work to be completed by the end of this year on the first two pits and by August 2018 on the remaining two.

After the presentation, the guests were shown around the plant by Company technicians and engineers, who gave an “in the field” illustration of all the measures taken by the Company and pointed out the areas to be affected by upcoming operations.

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