Work rolls for flat products

INNSE produces a series of Cr-Mo steel rolls, mainly for roughing stands of hot strip mills where rolling conditions impose very high thermal stress. By varying the steel carbon level and the amount of carbides, adequate matrices are produced, in order to obtain the required wear resistance. Rolls in nodular cast iron are especially made for plate mills. Many grades are high-alloy material, normally bimetallic spun casting rolls with a nodular cast iron core, covering all stands of hot rolling mills. They offer optimal technological properties with low consumption and abrasion. High chromium steels are made for roughing stands while high chromium irons and high-speed steels are produced for the first mill finishing stands. Special cast iron rolls, so-called indefinite chill iron, are mainly made for the last finishing stands. For cold rolling, rolls in semi high-speed steels and high-speed steels are mainly produced for stands of temper and tandem mills.

Work rolls for shaped products

INNSE manufactures a wide range of steel and cast iron rolls to meet all needs of this type of mills. For rolling blooms, billets and heavy and medium sections, a ferritic/pearlitic matrix is the best structure to limit damages caused by thermal stress in roughing and intermediate stands. Rolls in steels with carbides and cast iron with an acicular matrix are produced for finishing stands. Indefinite chill iron rolls and high-speed steel rolls, which are all bimetallic spun cast rolls, are especially made for heavy-wear applications.

Back up rolls

For its back-up rolls INNSE uses hypo eutectoid steels with a high Cr content. Using different amounts of Cr with specific heat treatments, different hardness levels are obtained to cover a broad range of applications both for hot and cold rolling. Bimetallic spun cast rolls made of semi high-speed steel are also produced for some applications in cold rolling.