INNSE has gradually reached its current leading market position, thanks to its first-class performance, both with regard to quality and service, continuous innovation, and product-customization. INNSE sells its rolls to top steel manufacturers all over the world. Products are distributed to more than 40 countries, in all the continents. About 50% of its production is sold in Italy, 20% is sold to other European Countries and 30% overseas.

In terms of product mix, sales are mainly of Centrifuged Working Rolls for finishing stands which account for 75% of total production. In this category, Indefinite Chill Rolls account for 45% of the total output, followed by Centrifuged High Speed Steel Work Rolls (15%) and Centrifuged High Chromium Iron Rolls (15%). Another 10% of INNSE production consists of High Chromium Steel Working Rolls, Semi-High Speed Steel Rolls, and High Speed Rolls for roughing stands. Cast Steel Back Up Rolls account for 10 % of INNSE output. The remaining 5% of production is consists of Pinch Rolls, Rolls for long and shaped products, and Rolls for the food industry.